We provide consulting, interim management and other business services to small, medium and large organizations.

Our experience and know-how is portable and relevant across a wide range of industries and providing "alternative Industry" perspective have sometimes proven a significant plus in establishing a competitive edge or resolving problems.

Through our in-house and partner network of specialist resources and businesses we are confident to be able to serve all your needs

Whether you want to improve existing business efficiency or effectiveness or take the business to the next level, we will work with you and review your existing strategic plan and execution model or jointly develop and document a plan for the next period.

Key in this process is our ability to identify all options and alternatives but then extract the key differentiating elements that will have the biggest impact and effect on achieving the strategic outcome.

Once a decision is reached on which initiatives to focus on, we develop an execution plan that answers the “so what now?” questions. We define the operational and other resource requirements that would be needed in order to ensure a successful implementation and roll-out. All of this is then supported with an activity plan in project format that can either be implemented within the organization or implement through our further support and involvement.
Help management stabilize finances and operations to reassure all parties-in-interest that proactive steps are being taken to enhance value. Quickly ascertain the key issues and create an action plan together with clients. Provide analytical and advisory services to lenders and unsecured creditors of distressed borrowers.
Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clients’ operations with a balanced approach, focused on increasing revenues and cutting costs.

Help clients align business activities to a “critical few” priorities and strike a balance between short-term and long-term goals.

Support resource across departmental or organizational boundaries to work together in a structured cohesive way that is well communicated and understood by all based on a clear overarching master plan.

Develop and deploying best practices that fit the organization maturity to ensure sustainable improvement.

Developing sensible Key Performance Indicators and operational measurables fit for your business maturity.
Fill the void when client companies face leadership, financial or operational challenges.

Assume C-level roles, providing the leadership and strategic decision-making ability to maintain momentum, establish corporate priorities, build morale and provide critical continuity.

Serve in the following roles: chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief restructuring officer, or provide additional resources as needed.

We can provide capacity to help your company through disruptive change while maintaining day-to-day operations.
Core to any organizations success (or failure) is it’s people. Most organizations are loaded with technical and functional skills, in many instances however dysfunctional teams and unhappy employees exist. To identify and focus on personality diversity as a critical factor in the workplace is key to people development and coaching.

Assuming relevant skill and competence exists, we believe that in most cases resolving any problem or challenge in an organization should start with assessing the people involved and ensure a cohesive team and mutual respect for individuals’ person and role exists.

In most cases a lack of formal awareness of personality types and their interactive dynamics exists. This could lead to counter-productive team or sometimes interdepartmental interaction.

We all tend to “treat others how you want to be treated”, in order to realize motivated individuals and teams we need to “treat others how THEY want to be treated”. This simple understanding of self and others and then focus on accommodating others wants and needs during interaction forms the basis for creating a functional and effective team.

In most cases leadership transformation and development start with a focus on self. This is achieved through 360 evaluations or personality review, we utilized formal tools conducted by licensed individuals. We then build a development process plan together with the executive and work through how these new realizations manifest and affect their leadership or management style.

Simple realization of differences in itself does not provide a solution to dysfunctional teams. Communication and talking through what the differences mean in the workplace is essential in building an environment where everyone is “OK” and where people interactions is based on trust and understanding.

We support all these processes through facilitation, one-on-one coaching and active operational involvement.
Change management can take on many faces and range from coaching management teams to basic operational changes in defining BOP’s.

In all cases, it requires an in depth understanding of the associated people dynamic as well operational constraints that could limit the speed of change and adoption.

We have the experience to define a plan with you that will ensure successful and sustainable change in your business and resources.

We will ensure that a clear vision of the “end Game” is created and identify roles of executive and other required senior stakeholders that would be essential in actively driving the program. It is imperative that any change initiative be driven Top-Down and ownership and buy-in established from the highest level down.

We assess and document organizational readiness state and outline all relevant interactive factors that would play a role and define the outcome.

We develop a communication and implementation plan addressing people, systems and operational issues and critical factors.

Coach and support management and operational staff to ensure ownership transfer for successful implementation and long term sustainability.

Manage implementation against predefined milestones.
Whether you have defined projects, organizational, operational or engineering related or need support in specifying or scoping, we can provide support in structuring and documenting them so they can be effectively managed or outsourced.

When it comes to implementing already defined projects, we are able to fill various roles within the execution such as project management or providing operational project resources or managing third party suppliers.
With many years of experience in Engineering Management we can offer a vast array of expertise and resources, from strategic to operational input we can improve your engineering organization through implementing best in class tools and ways of working.

Whether you want to improve your existing engineering organization or processes or consider outsourcing portions of it, or if you simply want to improve your product development cycle time between idea-to-commercialization, we can support you.

Engineering change management is a complicated subject that requires people know-how and understanding as well as systems to support effective change management, we have been through it all and can provide substantial experience in how to ensure product changes are captured in all aspects of the business from engineering, procurement, production and during the full installed life of the product.

If you consider changing or improving your CAD/CAM systems we can provide guidance based on experience building and implementing a seamless solution between CAD/PLM/ERP. Devise a clear strategy for handling legacy vs. new equipment and design philosophy. Create realistic plans with well-defined measurable milestones and budget limitations.

We can provide outsourced design and development capacity and in some cases prototyping or proof of concept work through our network of professionals.

We have a network of manufacturing and supply resources and can fast track product development and commercialization while ensuring the final product is fully integrated into your system and full repeatability in a production environment is possible.
Having a formal marketing strategy and plan is essential to business success. Encompassing all aspects of marketing and sales support with clearly defined actions and measurables is essential and executing these will ensure strengthening of your brand position.

We have experience in all aspects of marketing. We can help define and implement marketing strategy, develop new websites, brand or rebrand your products, create advertising and other marketing support.
It is well known that IT solutions in itself does not ensure success, it’s about the people and processes that use them. It is however of great strategic importance that the correct level if IT tools exist within the organization to enable change and efficiency and to support business processes.

Defining and implementing a clear IT strategy is essential in being and staying competitive in today’s world. We can support you in developing a new or evaluating your existing IT strategy and evaluate adjustments or changes.

In essence implementing any kind of IT solution, even as simple as a new “excel database” drives change and change that need to be managed in order to be sensible and long lasting. Managing people change associated with IT projects is essential and we have experience in implementing an enterprise wide ERP and CAD & PLM solutions in a multinational organization, we can support your needs in a lead role or as support to an existing project group.
Protecting an organization’s intellectual property (IP) is critical to its success, we can define a strategy and operationally support patent filing to reduce overall cost and expedite the process.