Project Description

Having a clear strategy is important. Being able to implement that effectively even more so!

In a manufacturing and machine building business we need to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost of products on a daily basis.

This is sometimes difficult considering that older business have a large element of legacy equipment to support and build while modern ERP, CAD, PLM and other tools have not necessarily been implemented and integrated well.

In order to stay competitive with new start-up and competition, implementing integrated IT solutions as an enabler in your business is key, making sure they function seamlessly across your organization is essential.

Implementing Top-Down-Modular-Universal (TDMU) Design principles and defining proper interfaces in your design is key to enable modular design and offering customers custom solutions while maintaining an internal standard approach in development, manufacturing and assembly.

These principles apply across industry and we can support you to review or define your strategy and provide an implementation plan and execute successfully.